Available Services



  • oNline remote support

    If you have already talked with us,click the link below to initiate remote support. This will allow us to log onto your system, and then you can watch us fix you computer!Rescue mE!

services overview

Managed Internet Solutions service aims to help you, to install, configure and customize your home, and or business, computers and software. Our professionals will perform all the installation and configuration physically, or remotely, saving you both time and effort in studying user’s guides and documentations to get your computer system running.

Once we receive your technical inquiry, our professional customer service team will work closely with you to solve your problem.

We Guarantee:
•   Reply within 24 hours.
•   Precise and correct answers.
•   Professional service until your problem is resolved.


special offers

  • $250 off one-year support contracT•   Onsite & Remote Service
    •   Laptop/PC/Server Support
    •   Reconfiguration of your PC/laptop
    •   Software Expertise: Windows, MS Office, GFI, MDoffice, Practice Insight, AccessLine, Soregrid
  • $25 Offsite Server backup

    Your business data goes hand-in-hand with your business operations. The loss, or just temporary inaccessibility, of this data may threaten your hard-earned business edge. Now you can backup all your server's information for $25/mo!

  • $10 Offsite workstation Backup

    Whether home or work, your computers data is valuable. Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $17,000 and could take up to three weeks to re-build. For $10/mo you can have peace of mind!